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Rust & Corrosion

Watercolor Workshop

Friday, May 17th
Tualatin Heritage Center, Tualatin, OR

Join me in creating the look of rust, corrosion and texture using watercolor. We will be using unusual color choices and granulating techniques to create varied results. The References and art materials will be available for use in class. You may bring your own materials as well. You will need 1/4 sheet of arches watercolor paper stretched.
(let me know if you need one prepared for you)

  • Date: Fri. May 17
  • Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Fee: $95.00 please bring sack lunch
  • Notes: includes materials used in class
  • Location: Tualatin Heritage Center, Tualatin, OR
  • To Register with Linda: linda@amanarts.com


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