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Welcome to My World of Art

My name is Linda Aman!

I am an Award Winning Artist & Art Instructor from the Pacific Northwest

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One of the Latest Paintings in My Yellowstone Series…
(from  Prismatic Springs area)

Prismatic Landscape

Here is the Original Photo Above…Continue Scrolling to See What Happened!


It’s not uncommon for me to flip an abstract painting and finish it in a different direction than when I started. 

Since this is not an abstract, the mystery of this painting in its upside down view, is stronger than the true way it is in nature.  

#1.  I painted it this way as I saw it in the photo…but…

#2.  …when it was turned upside-down, it was a WOW reaction

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Private Art Lessons

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A flash class is an open paint opportunity that pops up, not originally scheduled.

Receive individual critique to develop your own style and learn to strengthen your paintings with composition, color and design.

Watch for the next flash class!

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My Time as the Yellowstone Artist in Residence was inspiring!

“My Story”:  lindaaman.blogspot.com


In response to the Bison painting, I have prints for purchase below:



The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho invited me to present my story:

“The Essence of Yellowstone Through the Eyes of an Artist”



Linda’s TV Interview:


On the Easel

My newest and current works of art will be shown here.  Check back often for new projects!

Showing the progress of an almost finished painting…”Terraced Hot Springs” inspired by my time in Yellowstone

Professional Artist and Instructor

I love to create and in my continuing quest for excellence I enjoy teaching others to discover their inner artist!

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