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Art as a Mini Vacation

 Linda Aman-Aman Arts

When was the last time you took a vacation? I take one every couple of days.

Let us see what the synonyms for vacation are.

Vacation: recess, holiday, time off, time devoted, pause, rest, break, breather, respite, furlough, leave, escape, retreat, recuperation, trip, travel, explore, freedom, interruption, release, voyage, recreation and sightseer.

Hey, these sound good to me! When I paint, I feel these words of vacation are what I do. I can only keep my thoughts on the next brush stroke, the next line of importance, the flow of color across the page, the blending of pigment as it makes new adventures on my surface. I am taken away from the concerns of life. I find pleasure in the creative process.

If you have been in need of a vacation, a time away from the concerns of life take a vacation and create.

We as artist have a wonderful opportunity; we can take a vacation for a few moments or for a long period of time without even leaving our studio! Get out your brush and enjoy moments of pleasure.


Linda is an artist and instructor who lives in Star and teaches in her studio. She also teaches in other locations in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. You can visit her website at www.amanarts.comor email [email protected]for more nformation.              © Linda Aman May 2013
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