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2013 What are your plans…?
What would happen this year if you set goals, expectations, ideas, not resolutions?
Resolutions can be too confining, concerning, and set aside too quickly. I set goals every year, I look at them throughout the year to           reflect and refine the thoughts and ideas. I abandon the ideas that are not so great and come up with better ones. Goals help me set   specific ideas in place and give momentum.
Here are some thoughts for art goals…
As an artist, I decide a topic or focus each year to improve my skills …it serves as a guideline for personal growth.
Some of my topics for goals as an artist over the years have been color, value, composition sets, new products, etc. Last year it was experimental; I painted with mixed media, new methods, and new forms of design.
As you add a new focus each year, the years will add up to some wonderful skill sets that move you to new levels of expertise. For instance, take one element or principle as a focus and soon you will be amazed at the improvement your art will have each year. (Focus on color, shape, line, value, contrast, pattern, texture etc.) One year a number of my paintings were done with only three-color triads. I learned so much about color; it helped me develop four new workshops to teach.
I also have a set number of paintings I will finish. With my teaching schedule, I know I will continue to paint a lot if I have a number of paintings to fulfill.
I have found that a good way to keep on your goals is to tell others your progress. I happen to tell the artists taking my classes that my goals will be….hey, tell a couple of hundred people your goals and they will keep you in line. Every December I have to answer to them. Yikes!
At the end of the year, I look over my goals and plans checking off the ones I accomplished and crossing out the ones that I revised or dropped. I continue to move forward with the best for the next year. Feel free to email your goals to me, I would love to see your creativity and the plans you have.
We are so blessed to be creating beauty for our pleasure and those around us….enjoy 2013 and all you will bring to it.
Linda is an artist and instructor who lives in Star and teaches in her studio. She also teaches in other locations in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. You can visit her website at www.amanarts.comor email [email protected] for more information.                                                © Linda Aman January 2013
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