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As many of you know I had a goal of 24 finished watercolors this year and another 50 “quick paintings” (quick paintings in my world are under one hour in completion) I have found that one of the best ways to accomplish a set of goals is to tell a lot of people.  As I was teaching watercolor classes this year I had hundreds of you keeping me focused on my goals. As of last night I finished the 50 quick paints and polished off the last of 28, more time consuming works of art.

I taught watercolor in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico throughout the year. Was honored to win a number of awards and be in wonderful galleries and shows.

Most of all I had the privilege to work along side of many of you in my watercolor classes, workshops and retreats. I so look forward to seeing what all of us will accomplish this year!

You so bless me.

Stay tuned for our next adventures in art-keep painting. My goals for this year are being set this week..

Hope to see you soon!

blessings in 2012

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