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I just baked two chocolate chip cookies and took them out from the oven. I plan to eat one now and save one for later (we will see if that works). I know instinctively and by experience I don’t dare bake the whole batch! 
I am sitting in my comfy chair viewing the pastoral view out our window, watching the cows and enjoying my morsel.  The hot gooey chocolate chips melt in my mouth with each bite giving me more pleasure. What could be better at this moment?  I am enjoying a time of solitude with the quiet moment to relax and reflect.     
With cookie in hand, I realize this is a similar emotion to the creative experience I get as an artist.  Creativity too, like the cookie, can flee quickly. In the moment of creativity the juices are flowing and it is a pleasured high. The ideas just come and I try to get them on the watercolor paper quickly before the moment passes.  These are the moments that keep us going as artists. When our art doesn’t have the same passion on a particular day we need to reflect to the success of the past and be encouraged. 
Hard continual work as artists keep these “cookie” experiences coming, becoming more frequent as well as more inspired.  As we continue to grow to the next level of our art our experience continues to take us to a height undreamed of.  
Go create and wait for the inspiration to catch up with you. I am off to create in my studio…since my second cookie is gone!
Happy Creating…
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