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Remembering my Mom
My Mother Rosabelle Triplett passed away on December 18, 2012. In the sorrow of the loss there are mixed emotions, the loss and the celebration of her life. No words can express the loss, my mama is not here to hug, visit with, express my feelings to or show my artistic creations to.
The celebration is, I know she is with the Lord and in peace.  She lived her faith and modeled so many things for me. The influence and inspiration were a lifetime of encouragement to me.  I would like to share one of her strengths I feel you will enjoy.
Influence and Inspiration:
Mama was always making something beautiful, cross-stitch, sewing projects, home decorating, etc. Our home growing up always had a new décor, constantly changing with her touch. She encouraged creativity and new adventures.
One of my favorite memories when I was a teenager, I was making some art that was being sold in the local Hallmark shore. I had art drying on the chest freezer downstairs at our house. Mama would complain she needed to get out food for dinner and my “stuff” was all over the lid. She would tell me to move it but somehow understood the importance to me that my art had to dry first. She never made me move it until it was dry. I don’t know how that changed dinner plans for all of us, but I remember I was glad she understood the artist thinking.  I had art messes often around the house but, she understood the artistic process. She was proud of me-not often said in words but, definitely there in helping me learn to create —she had so much patience.  She helped me experience patience in teaching me, sewing, crafts, decorating etc.  She taught occasional classes in sewing and crafts in the community.
I am blessed to have had such a wonderful mom that taught me to pass on what I learn with joy.  She helped me discover my gift of creating and teaching.
It is such a joy to watch you find your talents and grow in your expertise, finding your gift. I am proud of each of you – thank you for the honor of  allowing me to grow with you in creativity together and celebrate life a moment at a time.
Blessings, and Thank You,
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